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On Gods Trail


Shame is one of the most devastating feelings you can have. Yet it often operates under the radar so people don’t even know that’s what they are dealing with.

Shame isn’t just a dose of humility to keep your pride in check. Sure, it can keep people from committing shameless acts. But often shame is an unrelenting force that assaults your identity even when there’s no reason, communicating the message that you are unacceptably flawed even though you have God’s forgiveness.

Contrary to popular notions, shame doesn’t just attack people who have lived scandalous lives. Shame stalks prostitutes and professionals alike—everyone descended from Adam and Eve. Whether subtle or strong, steady or sporadic, shame makes its shrill voice heard:

You don’t have what it takes.
You don’t measure up.
You are a loser.

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I have been a professional counselor for 33 years and I have both read and been taught much about shame from the perspective of psychology, and much of it has been very good. However, Robert Walter’s seminar on shame singlehandedly is the most effective and impacting source for healing shame I can recommend.
– Midge Wietzema, Counselor, Gilbert, AZ