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robert-walter-speaking1Like you, I’ve sat through my fair share of boring talks.

It’s bad enough to have to sit through something like that, but it’s far worse if you are the one who arranged for that unfulfilling speaker to be up front. I know because I’ve had to arrange for speakers myself. I’ve invited some I regretted having and others that I rushed to invite again.

I know the difference from a listener’s viewpoint. Even more, I know the difference from a speaker’s viewpoint. I think it’s a crime to leave listeners uninformed, unmoved, or unfulfilled.

I hope this page will make it easier for you to determine if I’m the right person to have up front at your next event. Thanks for exploring what I do here as an author, speaker, trainer, and coach.

Robert Walter

Robert has an experiential approach to training so that each person has an immediate chance to put to practice what he teaches and to integrate and assimilate it so it is not just more head knowledge and a notebook that sits on your shelf from yet another Christian conference.
– Pastor Pam Hulstrand, Bloomington, MN

A Little Bit About Me

My knees may have wobbled when my teacher called on me in elementary school, but now I feel like I’m standing on solid ground when I’m sharing what I’ve learned.

I’ve been speaking publicly for more than 25 years to groups in conferences, churches, classrooms, and clinics on every continent except Australia and Antarctica. Besides live events, I’ve spoken on radio and television.

It’s rare that I do something I don’t eventually start teaching others to do, too. Over the course of my life that means I’ve taught on a variety of topics including leadership, discipleship, Bible, art, English, fencing, and personal transformation. However different the themes were, speaking was the common thread. I love to teach, inspire, challenge, and equip.

Now I devote myself to speaking, training, consulting, coaching, and counseling leaders who want to bring transformation in the lives of the people around them. It doesn’t matter if those leaders are parents or pastors–I want to help them be more so they can do more.

I have written a book entitled If I’ve Been Forgiven, Why Do I Still Feel Bad? This book exposes what I believe is one of the most overlooked obstacles to a fulfilled life. Check out the book.

My wife, Vilia, has made marriage a joyous journey for the last thirty-four years. When I am not traveling to train pastors overseas, we live in Virginia with our four dogs who love to dig trails through my garden and under my new fence.

Speaking Topics

Blackboard-SignAlthough I’ve spoken on many different topics over the years, I now focus on topics related to leadership, Christian discipleship, personal transformation, Immanuel Prayer, and one of the biggest obstacles I’ve discovered to a full life—shame. Below is a list of some of my talks and training seminars. Any of these talks can be presented as a single message or as a series of messages and interactive learning in a one-, two-, three-, or multi-day seminars.

Building Healthy Disciples—Raising up the Next Generation
Learn a powerful framework for evaluating and implementing everything you do for making disciples and developing your up and coming leaders.

The Dirt on Discipleship—How to Transform Lives that Will Transform the World
Learn what made Jesus’s work with the disciples so groundbreaking and unearth the four keys to a transformational discipleship process. Click here for a FREE guide on doing discipleship like Jesus.

The Heart of the Leader—Developing Your Greatest Asset
Everything a leader thinks, says, and does flows from the heart. We must pursue a healthy heart if we want a healthy life, family, organization, or ministry.

Leading Like Jesus—Uncovering the Secret to the Savior’s Leadership
This topic explores and develops the foundation for effective leadership that must be built before leadership skills can be added.

If I’ve Been Forgiven, Why Do I Still Feel Bad?
Jesus provided much more than forgiveness on the cross. How do we get free from what holds us back and how do we experience the full embrace of the cross? Check out the book for a preview of the seminar.

Grace For Shame—Returning to Joy
This is an exploration of an overlooked epidemic that stifles the life God wants for us and the provision God has made so that we can find freedom and become God’s best version of ourselves. Click here for a FREE guide on how to tame your shame. And click here to check out information on the next Grace for Shame seminar.

Immanuel Prayer – Enjoying a Rich Relationship with the Always Everywhere God
This topic discusses practical steps that integrate the best of spiritual disciplines, inner healing, and brain science to help us connect with God, experience His love, and become the people we were meant to be. Click here for a FREE Immanuel Prayer Map. And click here for upcoming Immanuel Prayer seminars.

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What Others Are Saying

Speech-Bubbles-smallI must have sat under better teaching at one time or another, but I simply can’t recall one.
–David Householder (the pastor who once oversaw the largest Alpha program in the U.S.)

He is relaxed, engaging, articulate, and winsome.
–Paul Anderson (Director of The Harvest Project)

Robert Walter is a masterful teacher who interacts with learners creatively and skillfully. Not only does Robert have complete command of the material—as any good speaker should—he makes the learning experience a whole-person event, engaging the mind and spirit and body.
–Dr. Steve Turnbull (Pastor)

I had not expected a life-changing experience those two nights that Robert taught, but that has been the effect.
–Karen Riepe (seminar participant)

As a teacher it’s often difficult to be a student. After attending Robert Walter’s seminar on leadership, I really wanted my time as a student to continue for another week! Robert has a unique combination of skills that contribute to his being incredibly engaging. There is no way that you can leave a seminar hosted by Robert and not gain insights and tools for life and work.
–Debra Eischen, Ph. D. (School of Business faculty member, Southern Wesleyan University)

I use the information from Robert’s seminar more than any I’ve ever attended in 30+ years of ministry. It has impacted how I approach leadership development, preaching, teaching, leading meetings, and doing event and program planning.
–Mike Bradley (Director of the Alliance of Renewal Churches)

Robert Walter is a masterful teacher who interacts with learners creatively and skillfully. Not only does Robert have complete command of the material—as any good speaker should—he makes the learning experience a whole-person event, engaging the mind and spirit and body.
–Greame Sellers (Pastor)