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Immanuel Prayer

For highlights and testimonies from our Immanuel Prayer seminars click on the video above.


  • Are you longing for a deeper prayer life?
  • Do you want to experience the love of God?
  • Are unresolved issues from the past tripping you up?

We were made for a rich relationship with God. One in which we don’t just talk to God; we hear from Him. One in which we don’t just talk about His love; we experience His love.

Immanuel Prayer enables us to connect with the One who made the heavens and earth and stills the storm. When storms are brewing inside, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. That’s when it helps to have a prayer partner who will keep pointing you to God.

There are many ways to lift each other up in prayer. We use the Immanuel Prayer approach. It is one of the best ways I’ve found for resolving the tangles of life AND for renewing a relationship with the Author of Life. You can read why we like Immanuel Prayer below.

In a phrase from the young people today, my prayer life is now “off the chain!” It’s deeper, closer, richer, and more intimate. It has been years since I’ve felt so in sync with my LORD.  Although I have not “seen” Jesus since that day in your office, I feel His presence, I sense Him being with me and listening to me.
– Laura, Irvine, California


Immanuel Prayer

Jesus’s announcement at the beginning of his ministry always intrigued me.

The Spirit of the Lord is on me, for He has anointed me to proclaim
the good news to the poor.  He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners….  

When I read this I knew Jesus wasn’t necessarily talking about people behind bars. He was talking about freedom for people held captive by run-away worry, suffocating shame, and unrelenting addictions. He was talking about you and me.

There are many different ways to pray, and some ways are especially dedicated to helping people find freedom from the things that keep them captive so they can connect with God in a deeper way. There is value in many of these approaches, but I like the Immanuel Prayer because of the B.A.S.I.C.S.  

  • Biblical and Brain-based
    Immanuel Prayer is Biblical. It is based on the reality that God is always with us to guide and heal. The name “Immanuel” refers to His ongoing presence with us even when we are not aware He is with us. Prayer sessions help us connect with God Immanuel, the always, everywhere, personally present God. There is no guided imagery, and there is no attempt to “divine” the future. Every revelation is tested against the Word of God. Immanuel Prayer is not only based on the Bible, it’s also based on the way God made our brains to work. Seventy-five percent of our brain circuitry is designed for connecting in relationships—relationships with other people and with God. But often times, that brain circuitry is shut down. No wonder we have a difficult time connecting. The Immanuel Prayer approach uses insights from brain science to open those circuits and set the stage for a connection with God.
  • Adaptable
    Immanuel Prayer can be done alone, in pairs, or in large groups. Most healing interventions are best with the aid of one or more prayer partners. Immanuel Prayer is best that way too—especially if you are dealing with something really hard. But amazingly, Immanuel Prayer can also be effective for entire groups of people who are lead through the process simultaneously. It has been effective cross-culturally and cross-generationally, for both Christians and non Christians. And with practice, you can even do it alone.
  • Simple
    Guiding a person in Immanuel Prayer does not require an advanced degree in counseling—even children have learned to guide other children in the process. Your prayer partner will suggest some simple steps to help you connect with God, and so you can sort out whatever you are facing with Him. Though it’s simple, Immanuel Prayer is not simplistic. It was developed by a board-certified psychiatrist through an integration of the latest brain science with spiritual disciplines and healing prayer.
  • Integrated
    Immanuel Prayer is not just something you experience in prayer times with a coach to get unstuck, it’s also a way of attuning to God in everyday life. Once we learn how to connect with God in prayer times we can connect with him ANY time we need His comfort, strength, direction or peace. Immanuel Prayer offers an opportunity to untangle painful emotions from the past but it also a way to hang out with Jesus in the here and now. Encounters with Immanuel in healing sessions sensitize us to His on-going personal presence so that we experience the truth of what He said, “I will never leave you or forsake you.”
  • Christ-centered
    Jesus, not the prayer partner, guides the Immanuel Prayer process and gives the revelation. The prayer partner does not listen to God for you in order to share a word of encouragement or prophecy. You learn to listen to God for yourself—something that Christians and non-Christians can do. All issues or questions that arise are given to Jesus for His insight and care.
  • Safe and Successful
    Unlike other prayer approaches, Immanuel Prayer starts and ends by connecting with God in a positive memory rather than a painful memory. Taking this approach not only makes connecting with God much more reliable, it also provides a safety net in case the person gets overwhelmed. Another benefit is that no one ever needs to end a session stalled in pain. Not only is Immanuel Prayer safe, it’s successful. Since God is central to the Immanuel Prayer process, it is not unusual for critical and chronic issues to be resolved during sessions. Healing doesn’t mean we learn to brace ourselves in the pain; healing means we experience genuine transformation as an outgrowth of our time with God. One session doesn’t solve all your problems but some people have been surprised just how much relief and joy they get in one session.

Immanuel Prayer Map

How does Immanuel Prayer work? If you are interested in learning how to use the Immanuel Prayer Approach to connect more deeply with God or to help others do the same, let me offer you a “map” or prayer guide that shows the critical steps involved. You can download a free copy by using the form below.

Robert is gracious, gifted, well-prepared, and knowledgeable, a teacher’s teacher, who engages his audience from beginning to end. His teaching on shame is life-giving and his seminar on the Immanuel Process will revolutionize your inner healing ministry!
– Sue, Blaine, MN, Inner Healing Prayer Ministry Director

Immanuel Prayer Seminars

How can I learn the Immanuel Prayer approach? Robert and Vilia offer live Immanuel Prayer seminars. You can contact us to learn how to host a seminar at your church or ministry organization.

For other resources sites on Immanuel Prayer and for references to Immanuel Prayer Coaches, please go to the Resources Page on this website

Immanuel Prayer Testimonies

Thanks so much for the training today and my session.  I really can’t express in words what it meant to me, but as I was just now at the sink, I thought…it feels like my DNA has been changed. (Cherry – Norfolk, Virginia)

The Immanuel Prayer class and my prayer appointment changed my life. I found a simple process I could really use to help others without a degree in counseling.  I learned I could practice the Presence of Christ any time, and I received deep personal healing that only Jesus could have known I needed. I have used Immanuel Prayer with my daughters, who have found Jesus with them when they were scared of nightmares and then slept soundly. One described hearing beautiful music with Jesus; one told me he said simply, “Do not be afraid.” (Danielle – Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Each time I encounter Jesus through Immanuel Prayer, I truly feel that another shackle has fallen off, new truth for me has been revealed, and I am free! (Holly – Chesapeake, Virginia)

What blows me away every time I have facilitated Immanuel Prayer ministry is how Jesus is a far better counselor than I could ever hope to be. When I feel like I am in over my head and think, “I have no idea how to help this person who is in so much pain and so stuck in their behavior,” I realize I don’t need to know. Jesus is faithful and He reveals where they are stuck and He meets them at that place and He brings the healing that they need. (Pam – Eden Prairie, Minnesota, marriage counselor)