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Grace for Shame: Returning to Joy

JUST RELEASED: a 7-week small group study with scriptures, stories, songs and stretching exercises to help people find freedom from shame and recover the joy that shame has suffocated.

Weekly Topics

Getting to the Heart: Root vs. Fruit

Know who you are: Being vs. Behavior

After the Adam Bomb: Shame’s Fallout

Touching the Untouchable: Healing

Shame Pushes Our Buttons: Push Back

Heirs or Errors: The Love of the Father

Exchange at the Cross: Shame Scattered

What’s Included?

  • Written material for seven weeks
  • Group guidelines and covenant
  • 12 video teaching segments
  • Leader’s  Guide
  • Bible study
  • Discussion questions
  • Suggested movie clips
  • Suggested music clips
  • Interactive exercises
  • Meditations
  • Mirror cards

I was hesitant about leading a group, because I didn’t feel qualified…I thought you needed to be a professional to facilitate such a group, but I decided to step out of the boat and try anyway.  The material is so well organized, and flows so well, that it actually made my job as facilitator much easier than I thought!  The questions and examples in each lesson were right on…they helped people learn about what shame was and the many ways it affects our lives.  Cherry, Norfolk, Virginia

I have been meaning to write to you for some time.  My usual practice is to wait for a season before evaluating the impact of a seminar experience….and so I have!  But I have to tell you brother “Grace for Shame” was probably one of the most informative and impactful experiences I’ve had in 30 years of ministry.  In particular, the emphasis on joy has left lasting marks on both my heart and mind.  Your teaching style is engaging and relaxed creating nice learning spaces for students to wonder, question and learn. Excellent work Robert!– Pastor Mark Spencer, Blaine, Minnesota

This Grace for Shame 7-week study has just been released. Click here to get your copy.