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Disclosure Statement

Last Updated: 12/20/18

This is a personal blog/website and all opinions are my own (Robert M. Walter www.OnGodsTrail.com). This document is posted to make you aware of the purpose of this website and my relationship with third-party sellers.

Through this blog/website I may occasionally receive compensation, discounts and/or complimentary items or services in exchange for a review or promotion. Additionally, I occasionally use affiliate links for products that I recommend, meaning that if you purchase anything through my affiliate links (for example Amazon), I will receive a commission. You will not pay more if you purchase through my affiliate link. I will always disclose when one of my links is an affiliate link and I only promote or endorse products or services that I honestly believe in and recommend. All reviews are based on my honest opinion.

I am not a licensed counselor and all information presented on this blog is for educational or informational purposes only. The information presented is from my own personal study and experience and any recommendation is not a guarantee or promise of specific results. You should not rely on my experiences or results alone and should always consult with a professional before relying on information on this blog/website.

Questions and Contact Information

If you have any questions related to reviews, information or sponsored posts on this blog, please contact us at: OnGodsTrail@gmail.com.