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Other “Trail Guides”

How do people grow in faith and maturity? What’s the best form of inner healing prayer? How do I get free from shame?

No one website has all the answers you need to guide you on your way. I’ve benefited from others and if I can help you benefit from other guides on God’s trail beside myself, that would make me happy. 

So please take a look at these recommended ministry resources to see if there’s anything that might help you in your journey with God and God’s people. If you are interested in books instead check out this page.

Immanuel Prayer Ministries

Immanuel Approach Dr. Karl Lehman

This is the man and ministry behind the development of the Immanuel approach. He is a Christian MD with over 40,000 clinical hours. Karl is the author of two books that I’ll mention. One is called, Outsmarting Yourself, which gives an introduction to the way God made our brain and how we can work in sync with His design to live more fully. The other is called, The Immanuel Approach for Healing and for Life. This is a detailed look at the what, whys, and hows of Immanuel prayer from the man who developed it. Karl is our mentor and friend. 

Immanuel Practicum Pastor Patti Velotta

Pastor Patti worked closely with Dr Karl Lehman as the Immanuel approach was being developed. She continues to meet with him weekly and trains prayer ministers, counselors, and pastors around the globe. We’ve have teamed up on several of those training trips with her. She presents the Immanuel prayer approach in a way that is most true to the way Dr Karl intended it to be and is a person of character and wisdom. She’s also written a good introductory book on Immanuel prayer which you can find on her site. Patti is our personal friend and mentor. 

Immanuel Journaling John & Sungshim Loppnow

John and Sungshim have developed a simple way to connect to God and hear from him by adapting the Immanuel approach to journaling. They collaborated with Dr Jim Wilder in publishing a book by the title, Joyful Journey which has really helped me experience God. 

Free Immanuel Prayer Guide Pastor Robert Walter

What are the steps to Immanuel Prayer? How does it work? Download this free guide for a great overview of the Immanuel Prayer process developed by Dr. Karl Lehman. And check out the Immanuel Prayer training.

Wholistic Christian Ministries

Life Model Works  Dr Jim Wilder

Dr Jim Wilder is a Christian psychologist who has been involved in ministry for decades. He worked with Dr Karl Lehman to develop the Immanuel approach but he has his own ministry called Life Model Works. This ministry grew out of his years of practice in which he developed the Life Model. You can get an introduction to the Life Model and Jim’s understanding of relational, emotional and spiritual maturity in his book called, Living From the Heart Jesus Gave You. Jim has authored and co-authored several other books as well. My wife and I have had a lot of training in the Life Model and their relational, emotional, spiritual skills. 

Thrive Today Chris & Jen Coursey

Chris and Jen Coursey are close friends of Dr Jim Wilder. They were mentored by him and in turn, helped him develop many practical exercises that are used to grow relational and emotional skills and summarized in what Jim calls, the Life Model. Chris and Jen have developed their own training and consulting ministry to present the Life Model. Chris and Jen have authored and co-authored 7 books, including, Transforming Fellowship: 19 Brain Skills That Build Joyful Community

Healing Center International Betsy Stalcup

Betsy and I have something in common. We both are geologists who sensed a call to drop our rocks and help people build a foundation on the rock. Betsy and I have a few other things in common too but I’ll save that for later. Betsy and her team offer numerous classes and retreats in and near Washington D.C. Betsy has written various study guides to help people build relational, spiritual and emotional skills. She is a fan of Immanuel prayer and the Life Model. 

Emotionally Healthy Discipleship Peter Scazzero

Pete Scazzero is a pastor and pastor to pastors. In his book, The Emotionally Healthy Church, he shares the revolution and renewal that came to his personal life, marriage and ministry when he burned out as a New York City mega pastor. I think it is the best of several books he’s written. Peter also does training seminars and consultations. 

The Mordecai Project  Lee Grady

Lee Grady has two ministries. The Mordecai Project is for addressing injustice and protecting and empowering women world-wide. His second ministry is called Bold Venture which sponsors events for encouragement and discipleship of both men and women. Lee travels extensively around the world and around the United States to speak about renewal in faith. He’s a trustworthy friend. He’s an excellent writer and dynamic speaker. I enjoyed his book, The Holy Spirit is Not For Sale

Christian counselors who use Immanuel Prayer

On Bended Knee Pam Hulstrand

Pam focuses on helping people prepare for marriage and build stronger marriages. In addition to her counseling, she has trained over 500 people to do pre-marital counseling. And she uses Immanuel prayer in her counseling ministry. Pam is a caring and competent counselor who practices in the Twin Cities of Minnesota.

Core Restore Counseling Stephanie Rossing

Stephanie is a family life counselor who works with both men and women. Stephanie is passionate about helping people get unstuck and on with the life Jesus has for them. Since integrating the Immanuel approach in her practice in Minnesota, she has seen many dramatic transformations. 

Spiritual Directors who use Immanuel Prayer

At His Feet Ministries Danny Mullins

Danny is a man with many talents: pastor, worship leader, spiritual director, Immanuel prayer coach, and Bible teacher. He’s down to earth yet in touch with the heavens. Someone you can easily trust. Danny not only offers spiritual direction and Immanuel prayer, he trains cohorts of Christians who want to be certified to do spiritual direction. He shares his story as he teaches on Psalm 27 in his book, Darkness to Light

Soul Shepherding Bill & Kristi Gaultiere

Bill and Kristi focus their ministry on soul care. They are both psychologists who integrate their study in that field with Bible teaching and spiritual direction. They offer retreats, consultations for pastors and other ministry leaders and certificate training for those interested in doing soul care and spiritual direction. Bill is a regular blogger and has written several nice meditations for prayer. I haven’t yet read his popular book, Your Best Life in Jesus’ Easy Yoke