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About On God’s Trail

Thanks for dropping by! I’m glad you’ve found us here On God’s Trail. My name is Robert Walter. This site is for two kinds of people:

  1. Those who want a guide to life’s journey—a guide to help point out the trail, lighten the load, and steer around the swamp.
  2. Those who want to be guides to others—whether it’s your children, your clients, or your church.

I call this site On God’s Trail because I want to help people reach their full potential in life and relationships. We reach our full potential most consistently when we walk on the path God has laid out for transformation and impact. That journey has many twists and turns, speed bumps and speed lanes. My focus here is to help you discover…

  • What might be stalling you in your journey to fulfillment.
  • What will speed you along in your journey (once you are going again).
  • How you can help others in their journey get unstuck and speeding along.

Robert Walter is an engaging and provoking teacher. He is a captivating storyteller and challenges the listener to see things in a new way.
– Stephanie Danielson, MN

Being on God’s trail isn’t just a religious thing—it’s about living into your original inheritance so you can experience joy in your relationships, transformation in your life, and success in your career or calling. God’s trail leads to a life of real significance.

Think of me as your guide on God’s trail. I’ve been on the trail myself for some time, and it’s been my job in various roles to help people find the right trail, discover their true selves, and explore the deep realities of God.

I was a pastor for 15 years and for the last 12 years, I’ve been training pastors all over the world to help people like you experience the riches of God’s grace. I’ve consulted for churches, seminaries, mission organizations, and church planting movements on five continents.

Too many people are hacking their way through the jungle of life. Too many people are living half the lives they were meant to live. Some get lost along the way; many get discouraged. Others are burdened by troubles; some are hobbled by the past. Many just give up. It doesn’t need to be that way.

If you have ever wondered, “What’s missing?” or if you wondered, “How do I make disciples?” please click on the link to get the free guide to spiritual growth. I also offer guides to overcoming shame and to a very effective prayer approach called Immanuel Prayer. Chose whichever one you would like to get started.

And if you like what you see, please share this site with others on the road.

I’ve been in the workplace for many years and I have met many people. Robert Walter is someone for whom I have the greatest respect and admiration. He has a great deal of wisdom and his willingness to share that wisdom is directed toward helping others to be all that they can be.
– Dr. Debra Eischen, Southern Wesleyan University, SC

About Me

robert-viliaAs I look back, I’m amazed where God has brought me. I have to admit, though, it hasn’t always been an easy journey.

Along the way I’ve been confused about where to turn, disappointed when it seemed God wasn’t there to guide me, and weighed down by a sack full of shame that kept me from reaching my potential sooner.

I’ve been on the trail for a long time, first as a geologist studying rock outcrops.

I remember one time I was so absorbed (not with the rocks but with the scenery) that I didn’t see the snakes who were sharing the trail. I was on a rocky crag surrounded by three rattlers—one in front of me and one each way I turned except for the way I had walked in. Yikes!

Sometimes we don’t see the trouble that threatens, and we get hurt. Sometimes we don’t see the treasure that awaits us, and we give up. I like to help people who may feel they are “snake bit” and can’t seem to get anywhere in the journey. I not only like to help people get unstuck, but I also like to show them what will spur them on so they fulfill their destinies in life.

I especially like to help those who are guides of some type—pastors, coaches, counselors, teachers—learn how to help others get out of the swamp and onto the speedway. You see, I am really a guide to other guides, a trainer of trainers, a pastor to pastors.

After 12 years as a geologist, I followed God’s trail into the ministry as a pastor. Then after walking on that trail for 15 years, God invited me to take a new trail that brought me into the ministry of training, coaching, and counseling leaders—building them up so they can build others up. It doesn’t matter if those leaders are parents or pastors, counselors or coaches; I want to help them be more so they can do more for the people around them.

This path has brought me to Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

I have written and published several articles and one book, If I’ve Been Forgiven, Why Do I Still Feel Bad? This book exposes what I believe is one of the most overlooked obstacles to a fulfilled life. Click here to check out the book.

My wife, Vilia, has made marriage a joyous journey for the last thirty-nine years. When I am not traveling overseas to teach and train, we live in Virginia with our four dogs who love to dig trails through my beautiful garden and under my new fence. Nothing stops them, and I pray that nothing stops you from being all that God made you to be.

For help in your journey with God and to help others in their journey, check out my free spiritual growth guides which you can find on the home page. To get there click the On God’s Trail logo in the upper left from any page.

Robert has a winsome way about him that is captivating! He is a sensitive, caring and compassionate man. When you talk to him, he REALLY listens.
– Cherry, Norfolk, VA

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me by email and let me hear your questions or response. It may take a while for me to respond if I’m off the grid in a developing nation, but I will get back with you.